Best Model Cars for Car Enthusiasts

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If you’re a car fanatic, then you will most likely be aware of replica cars that you can build at home. They’re a cool way of having your very own version of your favourite cars. Whether you are a beginner to building models have lots of experience in the model car world, you will likely find this short list helpful for inspiration on your next build or even give you ideas on what to buy for the car enthusiast in your life. 

The Beetle 

The beetle is about as classic as it gets, a 1:8 scaled model that aims to include as many of the key aspects of the original car as possible, so you can experience it for yourself in all its glory. From its iconic curved metal body to its padded seats and interior, you will very quickly understand why the beetle is a timeless classic and go to die-cast for so many. 

VW T1 Camper Van

If you are a lover of camper vans, you will be very familiar with the ultimate Volkswagen T1 Camper Van, commonly referred to as the ‘Hippie Van’. Being a 1:8 scale replica, the camper van is a beautifully high detailed representation of the Volkswagen transporter. The model is true to all the individual features the van holds, from the fabric sunroof to the pivot doors and panoramic windows in the roof. The VW T1 camper van is an enjoyable build and is well and truly a forerunner of historic modern cargo and passenger vans.

Ford GT

This superbly detailed model is a 1:8 scale replica of the iconic two times winner of Le Mans. The Wyer Racing GT, chassis number 1075 has a history of outstanding competitions, it came in first in four other long-distance racing events.

The car appears in the form that it was driven in during the Le Mans event and is a complete classic for the world of competitive race-cars. 

Ferrari 312 T4

Got a need for speed? Then you will love this one. Fans will be aware that this late 70’s car wasn’t initially accepted by critics due to it’s not so elegant look. But this single seater went on to win 6 races. You can have a piece of history at home and build your own Ferrari 312 T4 thanks to the scale model masters that are ModelSpace. 

Dodge Charger R/T

The dodge charger is a much loved, world renowned car that embodies the fast and furious universe. Now, 15 years after the launch of the first film, it’s time to celebrate the legendary series with detailed and exclusive 1:8 scale die-cast models. The reproduction of Dominic Toretto’s iconic Dodge Charger R/T is a true masterpiece of modelling with metal bodywork, complete with all the relevant marks and details that make it the authentic star of the saga. If you’re a fan of cars you will seriously appreciate this work of art, regardless of how you feel about the Fast & Furious universe.

I hope you enjoyed this short post on model cars. Happy building!

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