Everything To Consider When Buying Radiator Valves

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If you’ve stopped to read this post, I want to presume you’re intrigued as to why someone would even need to think about radiator valves in the first place. After all, they’re just a little thing that sits on the end of the radiator.


While it’s fine to think that way, if you were serious about having your radiator installation look the part, and wanted to see if you can save a little more on your heating bill, swapping out the default valve for something a little nicer looking could be the way to go.


Don’t believe me? Here is everything to consider when buying new radiator valves.


The style


Radiators come in different styles. You can get anything from a lacquered cast-iron freestanding radiator to an offset designer towel rail. If you are one to take the time and think about what you want your radiator to look like, you’ll also want to do the same with valve style.


I liken it to getting your kitchen cabinets all done up and then popping a mismatched handle on the front. It’s a small feature, but pick the wrong thing, and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Radiator valves come in matching styles to radiator types, so keep that in mind when buying a radiator. Most stores will highlight which valves go best with specific radiators too.


The function


Are you the type of person who does a reccy of the house every evening to fine-tune every radiator valve to get it exactly where you want it, or do you have everything pre-set and only ever want to deal with the thermostat because you’re the only one in the house who knows how to use it and the three non-descript buttons on the panel?


Functions in valves refer to whether you want a manual valve which you control like a sink tap and thermostatic valves which are the ones with the bigger top bit (they have an internal thermometer in the big cap).


The colour


Ever see a car where someone has a replacement door, and it looks entirely off?


Just like choosing a particular style, if you get the colour of your radiator valves wrong, or just don’t even think about it, your whole set-up can look like it’s made up of jumbled parts. I recommend trying to get valves that are the exact same finish as your radiator, as though they’re a pair of cufflinks or valve that are the same colour as your radiator pipes if that’s cheaper.


To get an idea of what valve colours are out there, I recommend visiting Trade Radiators by clicking here, where they have every colour imaginable for a valve.


The adaptability


What makes adaptability different from the function? Well, imagine this scenario. You’re on your way from home on a miserable day. It’s been lashing down, and you’re soaked to the bone as you can’t wait to get home to a toasty living room, but your heating isn’t meant to come on until later that night.


You could avoid this entirely by having the adaptability of smart radiator valves installed. All it takes is a few taps from an app on your phone, and your radiator (via Wi-Fi) will instantly turn on. To be honest, it’s absolute bliss being able to do so when you’re out and about and know you’ll be coming back to a toasty living room.


The location


One last little tip. Don’t get valves which jut out or are going to stick out at an angle when installed. You’d hate to have a radiator valve where everyone at home is hitting their shins or ankles off all the time as they walk by. And don’t forget to buy a valve which matches the direction of your pipe connection, otherwise, you’ll have a useless bit of kit on your hands.

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